Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

In Tune With The Zeitgeist, or its English-language equivalent

Let no one pretend that professional xenophobe and serial treason accuser Gilles Rhéaume does not have his finger pressing directly on the pulse of English Canada (no wonder I was feeling a bit faint, I think he was impinging my carotid artery).

Here is Gilles being quoted by the Toronto Sun on the new Macleans "hey, Bonhomme is just French for 'Goodfella', right?" cover, the one that is lightin' the kiddies up like a house afire.
hardline Quebec sovereigntist Gilles Rheaume [sic] said the cover was an affront rarely seen in what he dubbed the "long history of francophobia" in English media.

"It's like putting on the front page of (Quebec news weekly) L'Actualite a picture of the Queen of England dressed as a prostitute," he sniffed.
Finally, someone who understands the extent to which the Queen of fucking England is a beloved symbol of all things English Canadian! I'm sure that the first thing a reasonable Anglophone would do in this situation would be to scream "Anglophobia!" instead of, you know, laughing their ass off.