Friday, December 24, 2010

Best and Worst of 2010 - football

Best and Worst of 2010. Football is played on the pitch, so only football moments make both of these. The Cabinda attack, the various outbursts of racist idiocy in the stands, the farcical 2018/2022 campaigns and the farcical 2018/2022 decisions, while obviously far more horrible moments for football and the world football community than any mere match, I will omit. As I will omit the literally endless moan from Ferguson, Wenger, Mourinho, Benitez, Redknapp and their ilk that makes football coverage so depressing.

Best of 2010

1. Watford 3 QPR 1 on my own TV screen. Deeeeeeeeeelightful. Tore em apart.

2. Uruguay-Ghana in the World Cup quarterfinal. Some of the best football I have ever seen at a World Cup, a match that had everything. Too bad about the penalties.

3. Blackpool 4 Wigan 0. If I hadn't been watching it I wouldn't have believed it. This was heel-on-the-throat football.

4. Matty Burrows scoring that goal in the 92nd minute of a 0-0 game for Glentoran. Holy. Frig.

5. New Zealand 1 Italy 1. I enjoyed this 100x more than I "should" have, which is why I so often tell the beautiful-gamers to go suck eggs.

Worst of 2010.

1. Canada 0 Peru 2 at BMO Field, Toronto. Gets the #1 position because I was there in person. What a nightmare. Match was a lot fun with good friends and the Voyageurs crew, so not really a terrible memory overall, but the worst footballing moment of the year by a long way.

2. Every moment of England's shambolic World Cup campaign.

3. The Netherlands, an excellent side of good players, eschewing football to kick lumps out of Spain in the World Cup Final. Gets extra demerits for the grand stage.

4. The whole of a frankly dire African Cup of Nations tournament that never fired at all. A sad retrenchment for a tournament that had been moving from strength to strength.

5. This one's for everyone who tackled with two feet this year. Note to referees - you can't do this without leaving your feet. It's impossible (try it sometime). It's therefore always, always dangerous play.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

I Am Honoured

To have received Godd Till's "TRUE HERO OF FREEDOM AWARD".

I shall cherish it all my days.