Friday, June 11, 2010

A Reader Writes

Scorn for Macleans is pouring in from all sides but this one I couldn't resist sharing...
Okay Chief...

Maclean's recently announced the results of a Parliamentarian Of The Year poll, apparently filled out by MPs or other equally-clueless morons, and Angry John Baird was named the winner--erroneously, one hopes. Maclean's did not conduct the survey themselves, but any publication that aligns itself with something that praises that man for any kind of parliamentary goodness isn't worth any of my time anymore.

As It Happens absolutely *destroyed* Baird the day this was announced, in a Canadian way, doing the old "playing the wrong footage" trick (you can guess what kind of footage they played). It was beautiful in its savagery.

But your Steyn objection is far better, and far more deserving of scorn.
The archive, by the way, I found here, and the Baird piece is at 23:30. It might be more easily explained if it's understood that the rules of order provide that only a member of a committee may raise a point of order to the chair.