Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well Looky Here! (No not that rock, the other one)

Looks like the campaign to restore Charles Murray to decent society by his employer the American "Enterprise" Institute (I suppose that trying to re-establish fake-scientific racism to respectability does show some enterprise) is gaining even more traction. First it was homo nafficus himself, Mark Steyn, as first noted here a scant fortnight ago to the public dismay of Steyn and his canine platoon of crotch-sniffing angerbags (thanks for the comments and e-mails, guys).

And now Ann Coulter is throwing her shoes gamely (gamily?) into the ring, invoking Murray as the (wrongly) maligned object of tohubohu and brouhaha at a liberal (-ish, we're talking about Elana Kagan here) New York dinner table.

I think Coulter (for all her apparent experience of New York liberal dinner tables) is selling her scorned target a bit short. Surely the topic of what the hell is wrong with the shvartzes has crossed the lips of a liberal New Yorker on more than an occasional basis?

But to step away from unnecessary and unfair religio-cultural mudsplattering for a moment, exactly what the hell is going on here? Two of the unshameliest flingers of red meat in the wonkosphere are bejewelling Chuckles "Galton's Bulldog" Murray with their humid attention. I sense a public (e)mission afoot!

We'll keep an eye on this, and thanks to a correspondent for the hot tip.